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Long time, no see!

An awful lot has changed over the last year, including completion of my studio, getting back into the studio full time, and finally opening a new online shop for my paintings. You can find that here:

If you’re more interested in prints or printed items, they can still be found at my folksy shop:

JoAylward at Folksy

I will be updating both my painting and printmaking pages shortly, and keep an eye out for a new post about the developments in the studio.

Thanks! Jo19LR

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New print

Here’s the latest print. It was featured recently on the Print Block Whitstable blog (where I print) – hence the hanger!

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Solo Show

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November 10, 2012 · 12:48 pm

Beautiful photographs

We were visited a few weeks ago by our lovely friends Debbie George and Andrew Sanderson, wonderful artists both–a
painter and photographer respectively. Sandy brought his most fabulous old Kodak Specialist half plate camera with him –  a beautiful 1950s camera that he uses for paper negative photography.

That technique is a rare art in itself, and Sandy is one of its leading proponents (he’s written articles and a book about it, too), and is a master technician in the darkroom.

We’re used to seeing Sandy lugging heavy camera equipment around, but this camera takes dedication, not to mention stamina! The results, with Sandy’s experience and skill, are always worth it, though, and we were delighted this week to receive some scanned copies of photos he took in and around our house and Deal.

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We have many of Sandy’s amazing photographs, including some beautiful ones of our children dotted all around the house. Looks like we’ll be asking for a few more prints!


For anyone interested in the technical side, the camera gives negatives of 7×5 inches in size; the lens is a Rank Zerox 9.5 inch f4.5 with no shutter and only one aperture. The exposures are controlled by simply uncapping the lens for a period of time.


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New prints – finally!

I’ve finally got around to updating my Etsy shop with some new handcoloured screenprints. They’re based on the collage pieces, as you can see, but they’re signficantly more affordable! The hand colouring process keeps them unique, since they all come out a little bit different. And there are some exciting plans afoot on the printing front – more later…

In the meantime, here are the new prints on Etsy…

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1st Edition!

The printing has been going very well and yes, it’s done, my first screenprint, in a limited edition of 20! This is the first in a series of pieces that will have a very loose narrative. They’re available unframed for £40 + p&p via my etsy shop, or direct from me (just email me).


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Where to begin?

Well, since this is intended as a way to help me think in more structured terms about my practise as a painter and printmaker (rather than just wandering in to my studio and forgetting the world), I’m going to start this blog with an introduction to my studio and its environs. I’ve always been drawn to artists who paint the way they see the world — with honesty and faithfulness to their own vision (in every sense). For that process to work, for me, my environment is paramount. In the second year of my degree my cohort was moved into a city-centre studio space – a great studio, but a long way from the countryside that has always been the source of my work: I paint organic things, forms, shapes, objects: I can’t live without green! I spent a miserable year weaving and knitting wooly hats – anything but painting; it made me realise one thing – that wherever I am, the space I work in, and the space around it will always be reflected in my work. In fact, in my ability to work.

So first, my studio.

I studied fine art at Bretton Hall (before it became part of the University of Leeds, who seem to have milked the beautiful Yorkshire Sculpture Park site for all they could get). Straight after leaving I acquired a very functional studio in Bingley, North Yorkshire. We lived on a narrowboat at the time and my husband was studying at the University of Leeds, so this suited us – it was big, cheap, and very very industrial. A far cry from YSP! After about a year, though, we were enticed to Holmfirth by the fabulous Debbie George, whose beautiful gallery Sanderson George and Peach was still open. We bought a place (literally) under the gallery and I rented a big, gorgeous studio from Bee. My husband’s job, though, brought us to Kent in 2004. In our first house we built a shed at the end of the garden, but then we moved to a ’20s house, virtually untouched by the modern predeliction for plastic (or central heating or fitted kitchens for that matter), and we built a wooden lean-to on the back of the house. After 18 months of squish, I finally booted hubbie out this year (he has a cubby-hole desk on the landing now, what more can he want?) and there you have it – this is ‘home’!

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I’ve always been a gardener and am deeply affected by what’s around me, so although the house is falling down around our ears (literally in some cases – our first meal here we sat listening as panes of glass fell out of the porch!) we have concentrated on the garden. I tend to grow things I like to paint and paint things I like to grow. Don’t be surprised if there are a number of future posts about the garden… and the house – they’ve both been such major projects!

So this is where we are: a village-like appendage to Deal, a seaside town in East Kent, with one foot still in the past. Those that know me know that I’ve been keeping a low profile in recent years due to ill health, but that’s changing now (hence this blog). I’m back painting, and am also making collage pieces and prints. I’ve started a little printing business called Pod Press with my friend Ruby Green and we’re making badges, lino-cut prints and cards, and are printing on fabric. There’ll be more posts about Pod Press in the future, but to see more of my recent work, visit my website:


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