New print… finally!

Well. It’s been an interesting 18 months. While Ruby took the reins of pod press and has spent that time producing stock, I’ve been in full-time employment, working as a TA in a local secondary school. The whys and wherefores are a long and tangled journey, but the story has a happy ending, because I’m back, we’re back, and pod press is once more at large… Here’s the first of our new prints, a three-colour limited edition screenprint, along with a couple of our latest cards:




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3 responses to “New print… finally!

  1. Samantha Mantle

    Hi Jo I love the new prints and would like to buy some. Do I do that online? I went onto Pod Press but couldn’t work out what to do? I was also thinking I may be able to sell some stock in the shop I manage. Are you VAT registered? although not completly up on VAT yet. I hope you are well, it is only weeks now!!!! xx

    Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2015 21:32:13 +0000 To:

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