Beautiful photographs

We were visited a few weeks ago by our lovely friends Debbie George and Andrew Sanderson, wonderful artists both–a
painter and photographer respectively. Sandy brought his most fabulous old Kodak Specialist half plate camera with him –  a beautiful 1950s camera that he uses for paper negative photography.

That technique is a rare art in itself, and Sandy is one of its leading proponents (he’s written articles and a book about it, too), and is a master technician in the darkroom.

We’re used to seeing Sandy lugging heavy camera equipment around, but this camera takes dedication, not to mention stamina! The results, with Sandy’s experience and skill, are always worth it, though, and we were delighted this week to receive some scanned copies of photos he took in and around our house and Deal.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have many of Sandy’s amazing photographs, including some beautiful ones of our children dotted all around the house. Looks like we’ll be asking for a few more prints!


For anyone interested in the technical side, the camera gives negatives of 7×5 inches in size; the lens is a Rank Zerox 9.5 inch f4.5 with no shutter and only one aperture. The exposures are controlled by simply uncapping the lens for a period of time.


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3 responses to “Beautiful photographs

  1. wow – amazing photographs

  2. Hey Jo! Hazel here! What beautiful photos, takes me back to our days fiddling around in the dark room at KC. Clearly this photographer is considerably more talented and dedicated than we were. I love taking photos, and digital is great for immediacy and versatility but nothing can beat the magic of ‘real’ photography. These photos have an otherworldy feel to them don’t they. Hope you are all well. Love to you all.

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